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Anthuriums and carnations

An amazing bouquet carrying along your emotions along with deep red carnations &... Details Anthuriums and carnations Buy Anthuriums and carnations

Bouquet of pink anthurium

Unique shapes and true pink exotique colors make this bouquet of anthuriums the... Details Bouquet of pink anthurium Buy Bouquet of pink anthurium

Lion's heart

Red roses positioned in the center and surrounded by red flowers of gerbera and... Details Lion's heart Buy Lion's heart

Pink anthurium

Exotic bouquet with three stems of pink flowers of anthurium. Show that you're... Details Pink anthurium Buy Pink anthurium

Purple anthuriums

This tropical bouquet is a simple and elegant arrangement of rare anthuriums with... Details Purple anthuriums Buy Purple anthuriums

Red anthurium

Be special. Offer this exotic bouquet of five red anthuriums to show your best... Details Red anthurium Buy Red anthurium

Three anthurium

Send a message of love with those anthuriums on the Cupidon's preferred color: red.... Details Three anthurium Buy Three anthurium

Valentine basket

The pure color of love, red, is imposing in this gorgeous floral basket with... Details Valentine basket Buy Valentine basket

White anthurium

This bouquet symbolizes simplicity and elegance. Make her day with this tropical... Details White anthurium Buy White anthurium
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About: Anthurium

This is a large genus in the Arum family of over 800 species with a unique appearance. The spathe, which is the large flat petal, surrounds the true flowers that are arranged in a spike called the spadix. They make excellent indoor potplants.

The flowers are commonly red, pink and white, but can also be found in brown and green.

Anthurium is closely associated with Hawaii, but is not a native of these islands. It was first imported into the Hawaiian Islands in 1889 by Samuel Mills Damon, the minister of finance for the Republic of Hawaii. It is likely these plants came from new varieties bred from the original plants brought to Kew.


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